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Shelf life once tapped

4x750 ml/102oz

Winery Fresh Delicious™

100% Recyclable

One keg tap pump can be used for up to 50 kegs approximately 2500 pumps guaranteed!

Easy to set up and enjoy in minutes


Our 3 Liter mini keg is designed not only to provide the freshest tasting wine possible, but requires very little time and effort in setting up.

Step 1: Attach the tap valve pump to the top of the keg and turn clockwise to lock in place.

Step 2: Place your wine glass under the spigot.  (DO NOT PUMP before doing Step 3)

Step 3: Slide up the spigot latch.

Step 4: Pump as needed to fill the wine glass.

Step 5: Turn pump counterclockwise to remove.

Enjoy fresh wine for up to 60 days!

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