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Retailers On Premises

Shelf life once tapped

4x750 ml/102oz

Winery Fresh Delicious™

100% Recyclable

wine keg for bars and restaurants

Keep Wine Fresh with Tap4Wine 3L Mini Keg Solution

US wine consumption is rapidly growing but oxidation and waste are severely cutting into Retailers’ profits.

The Tap4Wine 3L mini keg organic wine solution offers an incredible opportunity to increase Retailers profit margins. It keeps wine sealed so it is never exposed to oxygen ensuring fresh vine wine with every pour. Our line of organic red wines and organic white wines all taste vineyard fresh due to our system.

“On-Premise” Retailers all share the same major problems when serving “wine by-the-glass” in their establishments. 

These shared problems primarily consist of:

  • Oxidized wine from open bottles not stored correctly overnight resulting in unsatisfied consumers
  • Profit loss from dumping oxidized or open wine bottles
  • Serving less than fresh wine by the glass
  • The need for more inventory storage
  • Excess work for staff in stocking, opening bottles and disposing empty ones
  • Over/under pouring by staff in order to empty bottles
  •  Breakage

Replace serving wine from Bottles with an eco-friendly, fresh-tasting, and cost-effective
Tap4Wine 3L mini keg solution

Faster Service = More Pours = Higher Profits

  • One 3L mini keg = four 750 ml wine bottles
  • No draft system needed, no battery or electricity
  • Insures that retailers keep 100% of their wine-by-the-glass profits
  • Builds retailer’s guests satisfaction – speed of service and consistent fresh taste
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to pour to the last drop with our revolutionary vacuum pump system
  • The same taste from the first to the last glass
  • Fits in a cooler
  • Fits on back bar or directly on the bar
  • Always “winery fresh delicious” high quality wine
  • Stays fresh up to 60 days once tapped

We focus on the following retailer channels

cruise ship wines

Cruise Ships & Charters

Wine drinks fresh for the entire cruise. No bottles means no waste to store and bring back to shore.

tropical resorts

Hotels & Resorts

Italian and Spanish wines that are always the right temperature, flavor and taste. Allowing guests to lose themselves in their vacation.

airport bar wines

Airports & Convention Centers

Whether waiting for your flight or enjoying your favorite convention venue, fresh wine is not far away.

Friends toasting red wine in restaurant

Independent Wine Bars, Cocktail Lounges

The right paired freshest wine turns a meal into an experience. Wine cocktails anyone?

wine at night clubs

National Chain Restaurants & Clubs

Show your latest moves and get lost in the beat with the right wine by your side.

wine at sporting events

Sports Venues

Sports fans can now celebrate their team with a great tasting sparkling wine.

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Director - Trade Marketing

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Director - Marketing

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