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Shelf life once tapped

4x750 ml/102oz

Winery Fresh Delicious™

100% Recyclable

Try before you buy

Our 3 Liter mini keg is the perfect, fresh-tasting solution for home use replacing serving wine from bottles.

Our 3 Liter mini keg is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that ensures that every glass of wine is always “Winery Fresh Delicious“ ™.

Our 3 Liter mini kegs can be taste tested by your customers in your store before they purchase.

Our wines stay fresh for up to 60 days after initial tap.

Our team supports your promotional initiatives, helping to develop the most effective marketing solutions.

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Tim Nicholson

Director - National Sales

Randolph "Randy” Chlapowski

Director - Trade Marketing

Aneta Zakiewicz

Director - Marketing

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